Friday, January 13, 2012

Announcing the release of ur FIRST GAME : Sudoku UNLIMITED : The *NEW* Unlimited Sudoku Experince

Hellow folks,

We are extremely glad to announce the release of our first game, Sudoku UNLIMITED, based on the famous puzzle game sudoku. To be specific this game contains UNLIMITED number of combinations of puzzles. A puzzle creation algorithm would be working underhand to give you a fresh puzzle each time you press on the New game button.

We made hard on this to make a bit different than all the other puzzle games out there.
Without much spoiling lets go to the game

Technical Specification:
Engine : Adobe Flash
Scripting : ActionScript 3

Flash 9.0 or greater enabled web browser

As this is our first every release of games, please bear up with the bugs/design/any other error and contact us immediately for any adjustments. We build through your support.

Resolution: 800x600
Processor and Memory: Any standard computer

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