Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ZONTEK releases the Any Zip project!

Hello Everyone,

Its our pleasure to announce the release of the long time project: Any Zip V1 today to the public. The software itself is 'free' for both commercial and non-commercial use. You are free to distribute but altering or copying the content of the product is strictly prohibited.

Product Summary:
  The software is categorized as a decompressioner which supports the extraction of over 40 uniques file types. The program features by the two famous compression engines 7-Zip and Uharc. Zonware gurantee upto 50% compression but may vary with the file type.


· Opening and extracting support for over 40 file types. (See the file
  formats section for a complete list)
· Compression and other feature support for 7 different and useful file
· Easy-to-use Graphical user interface.
· Powered with DragIn-DragOut feature.
· Lesser the work.
· Encryption, decryption and other security supports.
· Complete control and use over the powerful Uharc engine.
· Provided “advanced command line” features.
· Customizable Open with features.

System Requirements:

· Windows XP/Vista or newer
· .Net Framework 2.0 x86
· 256MB RAM Minimum (512 recommended)

Producer:           Zonware
Company:          ZONTEK []
Download Link:
More Details:      Forum


From Any Zip

From Any Zip

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